Google Hire
Google Hire

Another Google service is going out, and this time it’s Google Hire. The tech firm said it will shut down the job tracking system by the year 2020
Obejor Blog can say that, Google Hire is an applicant tracking system developed by Google that helps small to medium businesses (SMBs) to distribute jobs, identify and attract candidates, build strong relationships with candidates, and efficiently manage the interview process – using familiar Google solutions such as Google Search, Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Calendar and Google Hangouts.

Google Hire

Hire helped HR departments keep track of and communicate with candidates. This tool was a product in development at Bebop, a startup Google acquired for $380 million in 2015. Its founder and CEO, Diane Greene, helped Google build this product. She later joined the Alphabet board in early this year, and left the seat in June.

The company said in an email to customers that it will focus its resources in other products in the Google Cloud portfolio:

While Hire has been successful, we’re focusing our resources on other products in the Google Cloud portfolio. “We are deeply grateful to our customers, as well as the champions and advocates who have joined and supported us along the way.” Google wrote

Well poo. I really liked Google Hire. #RipGoogleHire

As TechCrunch noted Google won’t take any charges for Google Hire’s services after the next billing cycle for the existent customers. Guess it’s time to update the Google Cemetary.