Here comes a camera that makes video and streams it all over the world in HD and still costs less.

Progress is inevitable, but the Logitech C270 is still a very cool little device for almost no significant financial cost. 

Since most webcams are on the top side of a laptop or desktop monitor, there needs to be a way of keeping it there. Here, the Logitech has a solid hinged arrangement that should allow it  to be clipped on the monitor, and get any angle needed to make video calls.

The small lens is located on the left, and next to it is a microphone on one side, and a green LED light that indicates when a video has started broadcasting. A USB which has a decent cable length runs out of the back. This allows the user to place the camera wherever they want it to be. 

the Logitech driver give quite a comprehensive control over the camera. The white balance, exposure, brightness and zoom cab be tweaked to get a tighter crop on the image. But the camera is fixed focus, so there’s no option to tweak the focus – and shots are always a little soft, as always with fixed lenses.

Interestingly, the sound quality from the built in mic has a great sound. 

The built-in microphone is handy, as most people don’t keep a microphone attached to their computer. It’s also well located, as it allows the speaker to speak directly at it when they’re chatting to someone, so as an all-in-one package it’s a good deal.

The feedback we had from people we called was that there was plenty of detail in shots, but that they seemed to be very sensitive to light. We had a play with the exposure settings during a call, and while we were able to make this a little better, it came at the cost of our shining face being slightly shaded. To some extent, this is inevitable where there’s no direct lighting happening, there is, after all, a reason TV studios use quite carefully placed lights.

In decent light, the quality is good on the whole and the sound  is crisp and clear.

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