Smartphones of the future may not be smartphones at all. These devices may take on a whole new form, which will enable us to perform the same tasks as smartphones do today and more. Smartphones of the future may look like regular eye glasses. This version of futuristic glasses would let you make calls, watch videos, listen to music and so on.

When someone rings you, you could see their name or image in front of your eyes. When you answer the call, you could immediately hear the caller without having to use an earphone. The glasses would use bone conduction technology or something even more high-tech. They could also be able to play music, offer turn-by-turn navigation, and read the emails and texts you have received. All these things could also be displayed in front of your eyes using AR technology.

Thanks to AR technology, the glasses would project a screen or image in front of you, allowing you to watch your favorite shows, play games, see the images you have captured with the camera, and browse the web. That means you would not have to buy a dedicated TV, which would save you money as well as space in your home.

A lot of companies are already working in the field of smart and connected glasses. In addition to Google, Intel showed off a pair of smart glasses this year, which project a stream of information in front of you. But unfortunately, the company has already given up on the technology. An Amazon-backed company called North is working on a similar idea with their glasses called Focals. Then there are mixed reality headsets like the Microsoft HoloLens, which brings holograms in front of you.