Futuristic Smart Glasses: Phones of the Future

This is the sixth and final part of how future smartphones would look like. Imagine using smart glasses that could do the same functions as a smartphone. Learn more here.

Phones of the Future: Two Display Types in One Phone

We continue last weeks series on how phones of the future would look like. This is the fifth part series and we are looking at a phone that would have two different displays.

Future Phones Would Allow You to Change Colors at Will

Imagine having a smartphone that you can change its colors to any color of your choice? This is the fourth part series of what we think phones would look like in the future. Learn more here:

Stretchable Smartphones of the Future

This is the third part series of what we think phones would look like in the future. The next big thing in display technology in the near future seems to be flexible displays.

The Evolution of the Telephone

It is almost 150 years since the first telephone was invented and patented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876 and since then the phone has changed in shapes and sizes that everybody owns a phone. Let us look at the evolution of the phone and compare the difference between each phone.

How the Phone Would Look in the Future: Over the Air...

This is the part 2 series of what we think phones would look like in the future. Imagine a future where these transmitters are a lot more powerful and can charge devices over-the-air at great distances? Learn more in this write-up.

6 Crazy Predictions on How Smartphones of the Future Would Look...

Do you remember the first mobile phone you ever owned and where you bought it from? What was the biggest feature on the phone? Technology has come a long way since then. This is a 6 part series of what we think phones would look like in the future.

3 Major Problems We Encounter with Our Laptops and Computers

Due to how important laptops and computers are in our world, it’s frustrating and stressful when they break, especially if you have an upcoming deadline to meet. These are the three most important reasons they breakdown and how you can manage them.

What is 5G Connectivity?

Let's talk about 5G, the latest and greatest global network that will transform our lives. 5G will let us download a high-definition or HD movies in seconds and make self-driven cars smarter and safer. So what exactly is 5G?

The Difference Between the Pentium and Celeron Processors

A processor, or microprocessor, is a small chip that resides in computers and other electronic devices. This processor handles all the basic system instructions. In this article, we will discover the differences between the Pentium and Celeron processors.

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