Prevent Computer Viruses

9 Must Read Tips to Prevent Virus Attack on your Computer

Have you ever had to deal with a computer virus or some sort of malware. It isn't a funny experience. That's why Obejor Blog...
dell inspiron 11

Dell Inspiron 11 Full Review and Specification

In today's post, Obejor Blog shall be reviewing the Dell Inspiron 11 in Nigeria. Whether you're looking for a secondary laptop or a training-wheels PC...

What You Need to Know about Computer Security

Ever experienced people trying to control your computers or laptops or stealing very important information or data from your systems? Do you need to know the best way to protect yourself from these threats and attacks and to protect yourself, your network, and your devices? Then this post will assist you in learning just that.

Desktops vs Laptops: Which Computer is Better When You Work from...

Are you working from home during these trying times? This article can assist you in deciding which computer is best for you while you work from home.

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