Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro: An All-Round Phone for Everyone

The Redmi Note 8 Pro represents the most top-end of the Redmi Note 8 series, although there isn’t much in common between the phones beyond the user interface. The Redmi Note 8 Pro has a collection of features that aren’t expected in a phone this affordable, such as a 64MP main camera with three other snappers, a large Full HD+ display, a big battery, and a decent chipset. Learn more about this phone in this post.

Dell Alienware m17 R2 Laptop: Engineered for Higher Performance.

The Alienware m17 is a reinvention of sorts for Dell’s flagship gaming brand, offering improved internals, as well as a bold new design. Alienware has a fine pedigree when it comes to gorgeously designed devices, and the Alienware m17 is no different. Learn more about this laptop in this post.

Infinix Hot 9 Play: Large Battery Life that Lasts All Day

Infinix announced the launch of the Hot 9 Play smartphone worldwide in June 2020. It comes with a 6.82 inches display, Mediatek Helio A25 chipset, 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage. Learn more about this smartphone in this blog post.

Obejor.com Gives You the Best Online Shopping Experience in Nigeria.

Shopping online is exciting but knowing which online store that can give you an all-round experience is hard to find. Obejor.com is an online store that will give you the best online experience. This article will help you in learning more about Obejor.com.

How to Use App Library on Your iPhone

Apple’s iOS 14 is the answer to Android’s app drawer. It is called App Library and works by gathering all your apps inside folders to make it easier to find the apps you want without the continuous swiping between screens.

How to Enjoy Same Day Delivery Services with Obejor Online Store

Do you want to enjoy our express delivery service after you must have made an order on obejor.com? You can learn more about Obejor Online Store's same-day delivery services in this write-up.

The Difference between Headphones and Earphones

Have you ever been confused about the relationship between the headphone and earphones/earbuds? Headphones are designed to be worn on or around the head of the user’s ears, while earphones/earbuds are inserted into the ears. Let's examine the advantages and disadvantages of both accessories.

Which Among the Three Televisions Is the Best: Smart TV, LED...

Choosing a new television is not a simple choice to make. We will compare the differences between Smart TV, LED TV and LCD TV and hope it will assist you in selecting the best choice for you.

Is Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra a Better Phone than iPhone 11...

Samsung a few weeks ago launched its Galaxy S20 series smartphones a few weeks ago and we will compare the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra with Apple's iPhone 11 Pro Max. Both phones almost have the same similar functions but they still have different specifications. Which do you think is the most improved phone?

iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy A71: Which Do You...

Are you a lover of Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phones? Samsung and Apple are the world's largest and most popular smartphone manufacturers in the world. In this article, we will compare two phones from these companies, Apple's iPhone Pro Max and the Samsung Galaxy A71. We would like to know which phone you prefer.

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