Accessories for Your Android Phone
Accessories for Your Android Phone

Most of us spend over 7 hours a daily on our smartphones in Nigeria. Don’t you think you should get some accessories for your android phone ?

They are at the center of our daily, digital lives, but they are obviously not perfect.

That’s why having the right Android accessories is important, making sure your phone is ready for any situation you find yourself in.

With that in mind, here are 7 essential phone accessories Obejor Blog is recommending for you to get for your Android phone.

7 Must-Have Accessories to Buy for Your Android Phone

Accessories for Your Android Phone
Accessories for Your Android Phone

1. Phone Protective Casing

Most smartphones might be sophisticated, but they’re not exactly sturdy, especially when they fall from your hand. Phone repairs can be expensive, but a protective case can help protect you from that big risk.

Android phone cases come in all kinds of materials and with various intentions in mind. You’ve got flip cases, gel cases, super-strong hardened case and more to choose from.

Need to protect your brand new smartphone? These tips should help you choose the right case and give your friends a bit of Samsung envy while you’re at it.

2. Screen Protector

The moment you purchase a phone case, you’re already thinking about protecting your phone from every possible damage. You can add to that protection by using a screen protector.

There are kinds of screen protectors, it would either plastic or glass screen protection, but you’ll find that you’ll have better protection with glass. They tend to be tougher and more durable than their plastic counterparts, and as most screens are made out of glass, they’ll feel more realistic to the touch.

You won’t want to have to spend thousands of naira to replace your screen when you would have gotten a glass screen protector for less.

3. Portable Speaker

Nowadays, headphones are great for personal use, but if you want to play music for your friends, why not pair your phone with a portable speaker?

You can either go for Bluetooth speakers to give you wireless music streaming capabilities or go for one with a typical audio aux cable connection. Either way, you can turn your smartphone into a modern-day boombox.

4. Charging Cables

If you’re using a wireless charging unit, this idea might be a little redundant, but it’s best not to tempt fate. It’s an accessory you might not need every day, but having spare charging cables handy could help prevent a charging emergency.

Charging cables vary in quality, but even manufacturer cables can break after regular heavy use. If you only have one charging cable, you’re going to be left without a useful phone pretty quickly if that happens.

You can pick up spare charging cables, but the quality isn’t guaranteed, so be sure to check out any customer reviews first.

Most portable speakers will run on battery power, so be sure to research the typical battery life before you look to buy. gives you the privilege to read product specification before you place an order on their website.

5. Headphones

Compared to a few years ago, we don’t have to carry MP3 players around to enjoy music on the go, thanks to our smartphones. But unless you fancy making an enemy of everybody around you, having a good pair of headphones to pair with your Android phone is important.

They’re one of the most versatile accessories to use with your phone, simply because of what you can do with them.

From listening to music to taking a call while you’re at the wheel, a set of high-quality headphones can really add to the functionality of your phone. Choose the right one for you with this headphone buying guide.

6. Battery Charging Pack also known as Power Bank

Our phones are more powerful than ever, but in a lot of cases, they lack the phone battery capacity to keep up. This is why an external battery charging pack is on our list of essential phone accessories.

When an outlet isn’t close by, and your phone is nearly out of juice, a battery charging pack can get you out of trouble. The capacity will vary, but a powerbank with at least 10,000 mAh charging capacity should be good to charge your phone from 0 to 100% a few times before it needs to be recharged itself.
Perfect for those long journeys or trips away from home.

7. Smartwatch

Are you a fashionista, or just a bit techy and looking for a cool toy to play with? Either way, a smartwatch could be a good accessory to go alongside your smartphone.

You don’t need one, but it certainly adds convenience to the Android experience. You can control your phone through your smartwatch, as well as receive important notifications like incoming phone calls.

Manufacturers including Samsung produce their own smartwatches, but if you’re looking to buy an Apple smartwatch, you should be advised that it doesn’t really work effectively with an Android smartphone. You may need to look at alternatives.
Our list of Android accessories isn’t exhaustive, but it should help boost the amount of use you can get out of your smartphone.

Where to Buy Quality Accessories for your Android Phone in Nigeria

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