Candy Crush is one of the most popular smartphone games Nigerians like playing on their phones. The game brings over $600,000 USD to its developers every single day. It has become one of the most downloaded apps on smartphones and its yearly profits are estimated to be around $230 million USD.

When it comes to Candy Crush people will tell you that they like it because it is interesting, challenging and entertaining but show them any of the games that have a very similar concept to it and ask them why they preferred Candy Crush over them and they won’t be able to answer.

So why is Candy Crush so popular?

The reason a game becomes popular is because of the emotions it arouses in people and the psychological experience that they go through, while playing the game. Here are some of the reasons that made Candy Crush popular:

  • Nostalgia: While growing up as kids we loved candies or sweets. Some of us still love taking candies even at adulthood. As soon as someone starts to play candy crush the images of candies and sweets unconsciously brings him some of the sweet childhood memories.
  • The psychological experience: Now because most people associate pleasant emotions with sweets and candies, they actually experience instant happiness as soon as they see the game screen of candy crush.
  • The frustration-relief cycle: As soon as you realize that you can’t arrange candies in proper order you will get extremely frustrated. Now when you do a correct move this frustration will get reduced a bit but it might rise again when you get stuck another time. Now, this cycle of getting frustrated then relieved makes the game extremely addictive since no one wants to remain frustrated forever. So, in fact, Candy Crush frustrates people then shows them the way to feel good once again.
  • Jealousy & Competition: Candy Crush is connected to Facebook in such a way that you can see your progress compared to your friends’ progress if you are online. Now this kind of competition motivates people to do their best to bypass their competitors.
  • Self-esteem boost: Candy Crush posts the level a person has reached to his Facebook wall thus giving him a self-esteem boost. When someone reaches a far level, he automatically translates this to having a smart brain and thus he feels better about himself
  • The pleasant feelings of mastery: When someone masters a certain skill, he feels great about himself as a result of the release of happiness hormones. Now because Candy Crush isn’t hard to learn within a few minutes or hours a person can find himself doing more complicated moves and winning levels faster.

Candy Crush might seem like a game that is interesting because of its gameplay but when you look deeper you will discover that the game itself is nothing more than some psychological feelings that people experience while playing a game.

So, do you play the Candy Crush game? Can you share with us the reasons why you play the Candy Crush game?