The invention and popularity of smartphones have dramatically changed the way people communicate and gain information.

In addition to helping you communicate, smartphones can also be very useful tools in continuing your education. They may even offer opportunities to learn in ways you may not expect. Since chances are, you probably use your phone with you daily, you will have an opportunity to learn no matter where you are.

This is the start of a 5 part series in which we will share 10 ways that your smartphone can help you learn, so you can be better equipped to pursue your studies.


With the power of the internet, you can stay connected to your learning management system whenever you have access.

Whether it is a list of assignments, an online Dropbox or writing out a paper on Google Docs, you can have access to what you need to do whenever and wherever you need it.


Do you find it difficult in paying attention to your lecturer during lecturers? This is where your smartphone’s recording functionality can come in handy.

Using your smartphone, you can record the lecture or discussion for you to listen to later if needed. By having it recorded, you can be sure you don’t miss any details.

Be sure to ask your lecturer for permission to record his or her lecture before you record it.

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